AUTUMN AUCTION 2020 of Galerie ART Praha
will be held on Sunday 15th November 2020 from 4PM in the premises
of the Galerie ART Praha, Bořetická 2558/1, Praha 9. 

The auction will, unfortunately, take place without an audience,
but will be broadcasted live via internet so that participants can actively participate
live via the phone or via auction portal

The pre-auction exhibition will take place from 2nd to 14th May 2020
in the company's premises, Bořetická 2668/1, Prague 9
The exhibition can by visited by prior email ( or
phone (+420 735 171 323) arrangement only.


The COVID-19 epidemy and follow-up measures, including a ban on the collection and closure of our gallery on the Old Town Square, force us to change the procedure of our auction as it happened during spring. We would like to make the auction as safe as possible and at the same time, we would like to provide you with the possibility of getting in touch all auction items.

Therefore, the auction will have upcoming system:

  • FIRST ROUND - in the form of an electronic online auction on our website, in which you will be able to bid, limit or register for the auction by phone in the second round of the auction. This first round will take place from publication until 15th November 2020 1PM.
  • SECOND ROUND - will take place in the form of a "hall auction without audience" on November 15th, 2020 from 4PM, in the premises of the headquarters of our company at Bořetická 2668/1, Prague 9. We will arrange its live broadcast on Achieved prices and limits from the first round will be transferred to the second round of the auction, on which you can actively  participate live by phone, online via the servers, or by entering a fixed limit.


Due to current measures, we cannot even organize a pre-auction exhibition in the traditional way. You can physically view the offered works and get acquainted with them but prior to individual agreement via email or by phone at 735 171 323 in the premises of the headquarters of our company Bořetická 2668/1, Prague 9 in the period from 2nd to 14th November 2020 (Here is a description how to get to us).

Believe that we do everything we can to provide you with the most authentic and comfortable participation in our auction in these conditions.





You may attend on the autumn auction via online auction portal


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